Storm Chances Friday & Sunday

Usually to get storms in North Texas, we need lots of moisture in the air, warm air at the surface, and colder air in the upper levels.   We will start seeing these conditions come together more and more tomorrow into the weekend.  The issue will be what’s called the “cap”.  This is a layer of warmer air about 3,000-5,000 feet up that prevents clouds below to build up tall enough to produce thunderstorms.  This cap is forecast to be pretty strong through the weekend, but will weaken a bit Friday and especially on Sunday…which will lead to a slightly better chance for storms.

A lot of times, we can have storms that develop above the “cap”.  We saw this situation occur Monday morning when storms blossomed over North Texas.  These are called “elevated storms” and the base of these storm clouds are higher up in the atmosphere.  There’s a decent chance that we’ll see a similar situation on Sunday, especially from the I-35 corridor eastward.

Best chance for rain & storms will be west & northwest of the Metroplex, closer to the dryline

Little or no rain on Saturday, but a lot of wind for sure

Better chance of rain Sunday as a cold front moves in & challenges the "cap"

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